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Operating since the late 90’s and focusing on product replacement, design, manufacturing & import out of China, we work with a variety of factories in a broad range of materials and processes to bring ideas to life.

With Cocoon you get Competitive Product Pricing, Manufacturing Experience + Unique Product Outcomes. We continue to evolve to service the needs of our clients through our dedicated divisions and stable of brands.

We have a proven track record of producing commercially viable products to improve the items we use every day, and effect the world around us for the better.

Yes. We Supply Nando's.
Nandos packaging by Cocoon, Leading the
tree free revolution. (View)
The K Store Concept.
Cocoon creates a retail display concept. in Kowloon Hong Kong. (View)
Perth Arena Goes Green.
A Unique food carton solution. Low impact material. High impact experience. (View)

Choose Plants.
We all know what happens to regular plastic,
why not choose plant based plastic.
Ecologica = Sexy Packaging.
Its about to launch, its coming very soon, its very sexy environmental packaging! (View)
Ecologica Smoothies!
Yum, whats good for your body should
be good for the planet. (View)

The Kings of Ceramic!.
Take a gander at our recent exhibition at Ambiente Germany. We designed over 250 Killer Homewares using the latest eco ceramic in energy efficient kilns. (View)
Iplay is a fun Mp3 Player & ipod dock Inspired
by the building blocks of our childhood!. (View)

Dont Take My Home Away.
Support Love Trees Project, use Tree Free Packaging and Keep Monkeys Happy! (View)
The Making of the Coolest Pizza Box Ever!
The packaging revolution continues here at Cocoon with some exciting developments in our stable of sustainable eco-packs. (View)

Boomba. (Its Italian for Playtime!)
All things Toddler, Baby, Kids and Nursery, designed with mums and dads in mind.
Prams, Drink Bottles and everyday add-ons to keep your clan clean and manageable. (View)
We Just Got App'd.
Hey, better late than never. Coming with IOS7
an integrated client intanet.

Wok'd Gourmet Chinese Packaging.
Great to see people enjoying Wok'd Gourmet Chinese out of our Tree Free Packaging!

Customized Havaiana's for your soul (or corporate giftbag!)
Cocoon has teamed up with Havianas to bring your exclusive branded flip flops in every damn
colour under the sun. From hot pink to plain old black, the options are unlimited! (View)

Taco Bill Sombrero Love.
Exclusive promotional sourcing and design. Festive sombrero's for group catering.

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