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Look out! It’s boomtime. Do you have a product or idea to help promote your brand but don’t know how to make it happen?

Looking for ways to give your customer something extra, or increase turnover with a funky upsell. Then Boom is your ticket to ride. Specializing in high volume, low cost items that get your company noticed and increase awareness in your target market. We can source a variety of off the shelf, tailored or custom iconic products to push your brand and increase your presence .

Taco Bill Sombrero's.
Wow, we have supplied Taco Bill over
250,000 Sombreros! Viva La Sombrero!

Body Shop Gift Bag.
We filled this little green bag with all kinds
of sweet glorious soap.
Goji Iphone Case.
Short deadline, low volume. We delivered
Goji thier very own iphone case.
Summrdayze Shadez.
Some jobs we do for fun. Giveaway sunglasses for airsteam at summerdayze 2012.
The Cancer Council Mug.
A thank you mug for 20 years, once cause
& over $110 Million Raised.
FFFF = Fitness First Flip Flops.
Booms Fitness First Flip Flop by Haviana's
clickety clackin at a Fitness First near you.

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