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Is a 100% eco-focussed packaging and product division setup for any company wishing to focus on a greener outcome and improving their social + environmental responsibility.

Ecologica will evaluate your product line and offer solutions in material sourcing / selection, manufacturing process or streamlining via redesign to deliver a better, cleaner product. We understand that it may not be possible to completely overhaul all of your product lines and materials at once, but that making a start one product at a time is a step in the right direction. Offering comprehensive product review, design and importing solutions to improve your products environmentally and enhance consumer perception of your brand.

Ecologica Smoothies!
Yum, whats good for your body should
be good for the planet. .

Eco Water Modules.
Featuring a patented lift and carry system
these waterbottles make drinking water cool.
Reusable Shopping Bags.
Ecologica team up with First Point to create
funcky reusable shopping bags.
Plant Based Meat Trays.
Avalable in a range of colours Ecologica is
about to annouce eco friendly meat trays.
Choose Plants.
We all know what happens to regular plastic,
why not choose to use plant based plastic.
100% Tree Free Coffee Cups.
And hey. Its about bloody time. Get in touch with us to start saving money and of course trees!

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