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Tree–Free, Compostable, Bio-degradable, food packaging. Unique visual solutions, tactile, functional and socially responsible.

Using moulded 3d forms and shapes to shift your customers ideas about a product range or brand, via distinct tactile products. All Love Trees designs, utilize bio-pulp to ensure no tree pulp or petrochemicals enter the production process. This means renewable material sourcing, less emissions during production, lower impact after use, and helps the drive for greater reliance on sustainable manufacturing practices. With vision and belief you can get on board to make the change to a sustainable future with us.

Nando's Tree Free Packaging.
Nando’s is committed to the environment by using our tree free packaging.

Perth Arena Packaging.
We are please to announce Perth Arena currently features our packaging.
Wok'd Gormet Chinese.
We are please to announce Wok'd
currently features our packaging.
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Packaging 'Basics' Price List.
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Packaging Premium Price List.
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Eco Premium Packaging Range.

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